EM-kilpailut, Tsekki 21.-28.5.

Huomenna alkavissa suunnistuksen EM-kisoissa kilpailee seuran edustusurheilijoista Aaro Asikainen, Baptiste
Rollier, Jan Petrzela, Jan Prochazka, Kiril Nikolov, Amelie Chataing
ja Monika Topinkova. Tsekin Jesenikissä käytävät kisat ovat Jan ”Rohaska” Prochazkalle kotikisat ja tässä hänen tunnelmiaan ennen kisoja.

It is amazing experience for every runner to compete on home ground.
For me this will be second time after WOC 2008. It seems like
organizers are doing a good job. EOC opens sprints competitions:
Sprint Relay on Saturday 21st May and Sprint Final on Sunday 22nd May.
We can expect nice competitions with live coverage in IOF live center.

Long distance on Tuesday is going to be physical challenge with steep
hills and you can expect many different route-choices. I guess it will
be nice to watch GPS live coverage.

EOC is going to be concluded by Middle race on Friday 27th May and Relay on Saturday 28th May. Those
competitions will be in stony, but pretty fast terrain. Good running
speed and avoiding the mistakes will be key towards success…

There are few KR runners on the start. Aaro Asikainen, Baptiste
Rollier, Jan Petrzela, Jan Prochazka Kiril Nikolov, Amelie Chataing
and Monika Topinkova. So hold your fingers for our runners and follow
it live!